What makes Moniquet & Company different?


Moniquet & Company

Everyone wants to be different and unique. It does not always work this way. Certain markets do not allow uniqueness. Products and services are not differentiated. Competition is solely cost-based. Fortunately, Moniquet & Company is not active in one of those markets. What makes us different from the dozen other consultants longing for your approval?

At first glance it might not be much. There are numerous consultants that position themselves as experts when it comes to strategy, organization and operations. Nothing new here, then. There are numerous consultants that claim to deliver bespoke work. No difference there, either, at first look. Where do we have to look then?

First of all, we have skin in the game. What does that mean? This entails that we take full accountability for our clients. A private client of Moniquet & Company takes zero financial risk. We do this because we believe that consultants should create tangible value. Taking full responsibility for the risk is a first step we take to prove this for our clients. Aside from our value guarantee (at least 100% return on investment or we drop the remaining fee of 50%) – which we have been able to realize in each of our studies so far –, in some cases (mainly operations) we give capital guarantee on our first fee of 50%. If we do not at least earn back this investment, we pay back the initial investment. By doing so we combine the high yield of investing in stocks with the low risk of capital bonds. Working with Moniquet & Company is, from that point of view, little more than a risk-free investment. Added value for the client, that is our main purpose.

This brings us to our second point. We go to great lengths for our clients. It starts with our first approach and the proposal we work out. Exponential learning is front and center to thoroughly examine our clients’ environment, circumstances and challenges. We get to know each nuance in the sector, inspect the results of you and your competitors and decompose all feasible strategies down to their smallest observable component. We do this before anything is signed. This exponential learning translates in an insatiable hunger for growth and knowledge. From building our own library to MBA-standards to creating an environment of continuous open feedback – we set high standards to better serve you. Your worries are our worries. Because we are a small organization, we insist on client intimacy. We are your confidants before, during and after a study.

That is why we can do nothing else but deliver bespoke work. These are not hollow words. Of course we try to work as standardized as possible, using templates for contracts and support-processes to react swiftly to your needs and challenges. When it comes to our core, nothing of what we do is generic or standardized. On the contrary. Every context is specific. Ideally, each strategy is too. That is not always the case. By our 100% bespoke approach we can make vast differences. We know that the only way to generate actual added value lies in solving the specific challenges of our clients. By working with models and standardized solutions we could never live up to your, let alone our own, ambitions. We’re on a mission.

At Moniquet & Company it isn’t solely about the economic aspect (sincerity is one of our core values. The economic matters, but it is not what drives us). What drives us is generating impact. Large-scale impact, preferably. Shaping the future by solving the toughest strategic business problems is no hollow sentence to us. We want to help shape society, realize sustainable value creation, overcome short-termism, and, why not, change an industry. Our ambitions are to help determine the economic policy, help create unicorns in Belgium and far beyond, design the governments of the future and lifting strategy to a higher level by making choices on another level of detail that are implementable in practice. That is what drives us. Those incentives are what cause you, as a client, to come out on top. This is the only way in which we can live up to our ambitions. Thát is what really separates us from our ‘friendly competitors’. 

To realize our ambitions, we strive for structured and integrated thinking. We do this by making use of the scientific method. We work with hypotheses which we translate into an item structure. This structure contains all elements that – logically and structurally separated – can influence the hypothesis. In this way we can discern the singled-out factors that determine success with a very high degree of certainty. We combine deep statistic with practice-based operational observations. Big and small data together form the basis for our solutions. This combination also allows us to detect the critical path of influence in organizations. In this way we increase the chances of success when change is involved. At Moniquet & Company we don’t solely focus on the quantitative. We add a profound human dimension to the strategic quantitative and financial side of our value creation. This allows us to ‘see’ solutions.

‘Seeing’ might seem abstract and dubious. It is not simple to put into words. It is about hard work and a permanent focus on the truth. It is about purity in analyses and a deep concern for our client’s challenges. It is also about our previous experiences and the way in which we look at the world at Moniquet & Company. The life of our founder is one of conquering obstacles. Of being confronted with barriers on a daily basis and perceptions that are anything but positive. Those experiences have continually forced him to look at the world in another way, and to come up with solutions and actions where others might have given up a long time ago. That perspective on the world is integrated into everything we do at Moniquet & Company. We can almost literally see through the complexity and generate solutions that make a substantial difference, just because we pay attention to other things. It might be the least tangible of what we do, but spreading the perspective of our founder to the rest of the organization might be our real competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage is at the core of what strategy entails. That advantage should translate to a clear result. For Moniquet & Company that result is, preferably, Free Cash Flow. With this choice we try to differentiate in terms of visibility of results. We express our solutions in value creation in its purest form. Even though it might not be apparent for our clients, it is our target from the moment a study begins. Solving the problem by creating additional free cash. That is why we always invest in the two most distinguished levers of free cash flow; growth and return on invested capital (ROIC). We look for ways to influence both and produce tangible results. That is what you can expect from Moniquet & Company. In short: effectiveness.

We don’t want to toot our own horn. The intent of this article is not to show off whether or not we are good. We want to underline in which way we are different than our ‘friendly competitors’ and which clear choices we have made to help our clients to the best of our ability. We believe that knowing what drives us is the best basis to earn your trust. Once we have gained that, we let the results do the rest. As one of our clients put it:

“What we appreciate is the thorough analysis and the objective way of working. This leads to strategic and operational solutions. Always with a high degree of professionalism.”