Our approach

At Moniquet & Company our goal is to create value for our clients. We do so through deep analyses and by detecting high impact factors that make a difference and help you overcome challenges. For all assignments we use our own ADAPT approach. This approach also symbolizes the way in which we adapt ourselves to your organization in order to maximize value.

1. Your complex challenge is our starting point

Each trajectory for strategy consulting starts from your complex challenges. During an intake we listen to the problems you experience, and that prehibit you from achieving your desired goals.

During this talk we listen attentively to your story and try to expose the real problems along with you. We do not hesitate to dig deep. Too often we ascertain that there is an underlying issue. The identified problems and challenges form the starting point for further collaberation.

2. Our approach = 100% tailor made

Moniquet & Company does not have a limited list of services. Each consultancy trajectory is tailor made, starting from the intake.

Before you sign anything, you receive a detailed proposal. This document entails a clear overview of the situation.

Furthermore, we define our common goals. What do we want to achieve and - most importantly - how much added value it will provide for your company or government body? We quantify the added value creation as clearly as possible. We link our famed result warranty to the desired added value creation.

The third part of our proposal is a detailed roadmap in which we dive into the hypotheses and the analyses structure. We clearly communicate which information, numbers, time investment, interviews, workfloor observations,... we require.

3. Solutions based on proven hypotheses

Moniquet & Company avoids guesstimates. We work according to a proven evidence-based technique. This approach starts from developing hypotheses and identifying preconditions. We translate this into clear oversights, graphs, fact collection and analyses.

These preconditions have the greatest positive impact on realizing the desired targets. The accuracy of these preconditions is tested based on work floor observations, interviews, figure analyses,...

Once we have listed all high-impact factors, we work out alternative solutions.

This structured and analytical approach leads to systemic solutions that thoroughly change an organization and deliver long-term added value.

4. More than advise, implementation included

Many consultancy agencies consider the job done when they give recommendations. Moniquet & Company goes a few steps beyond this process. You can count on us for the implementation and monitoring of the detailed business strategy and the further organizational development. In this way we can guarantee the desired added value creation.

We work according to the self-developed ADAPT-method:

  • Analyse
  • Decide
  • Act
  • Perform
  • Transform

While most strategy consultancy trajectories stop at Analyse and Decide, we push through all the way to Transform, if desired. Our own research shows that strategy consultancy including support of the implementation leads to 70% better results.

In the implementation phase we take on the role of quality control. In this way we ensure that ownership for these changes are lived up to within the organization to their fullest potential.

5. An eye for leadership and the human factor

An organization does not solely consist of systems and processes, we can not ignore the human factor. Change is always accompanied by emotion and resistance.

Strong leadership is an absolute necessity in developing and executing a succesful organizational strategy. Organizational development should be paired with valorizing the human factor within the organization or company.

In our approach to strategy consulting we spend a great deal of attention to leadership development and the human factor. We approach this in a structured way as well. We set out a critical path in which the key figures are actively directed to take action to deliver a positive contribution to the necessary changes.




A selection of our cases

Case 1: reorganizing a finance department

What: In depth analysis of the financial organization

How: thorough field observation combined with case interviews, performance and productivity analyses and strategic redirection

Value: 25% more efficiency, 50% increase in effectiveness and 1.000.000 euro in additional revenues after six months

Case 2: services organizations merger

What: deal structuring and integration

How: strategic due diligence, installing stand still, analysis and proof of concept for an integrated organization, efficiency and synergy analyses, strategy development

Value: 15% increase in productivity, 10% efficiency gains

Case 3: transforming an HR department

What: transformation to strategic HR

How: stakeholder analysis, impact analysis HR, efficiency and productivity analyses, influence analysis, in field observation, strategy development, implementation of integrated HR practices.

Value: 20% cost reduction, 30% increase in HR effectiveness

Case 4: set up new organization

What: strategic development of a new mobility organization

How: market and competitive analysis, development of the business model, process engineering, corporate governance design, workforce planning, performance forecasting.

Value: 10% below target costing, +10 million in revenues after 3 years

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