Our added value

Growth does not always happen organically. Growth can also happen through mergers and acquisitions. At Moniquet & Company we offer solutions for both sides of a deal. We help the buyers by finding the right targets or by managing value post integration and we help the sellers to prepare their companies for a sale. 

Valuation and value improvement 

How much is your company actually worth? Moniquet & Company answers that question by combining strategy and corporate finance insights. We take a ‘private equity’ approach to determine a market price valuation for your company or target. That is the base we use to substantially improve the value of your company. Moniquet & Company can also be contacted to conduct a ‘second opinion’ valuation as an independent party. Do you want to know more?

Commercial and financial due diligence 

You growth plans are clear and you have a target in mind? Then Moniquet & Company is happy to help with commercial or financial due diligence. From the market tot strategy to financial performance and position, we leave no stone unturned to objectively catalog the qualities and challenges of your target. This will create certainly on the way forward. Do you want to know more?

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