Waardebepaling verbetering

Value determination and improvement

At Moniquet & Company we analyse how much your company is worth by combining strategy with corporate finance insights. We use a private equity approach to determine a market price valuation for your company or target group. This baseline is then used to substantially improve the value of your company. If have already had a taxation carried out and are not satisfied with the result, you can contact us for a fairness opinion.

MA targeting

M&A targeting

Would you like to grow through mergers or do you miss certain capabilities in your company? We look for the right match based on a deep market analysis as well as both the strategic and financial position of your business in order to find the right strategic and financial opportunities. We provide you with the right approach to reach a letter of intent.

Commerciele financiele due diligence

Commercial and financial due diligence

From market intelligence through strategy to financial performance and position, at Moniquet & Company we apply all the means necessary to objectively list the qualities and challenges of your goal. This is a complex but very essential step and - when carried out properly - it will create certainty on the road ahead.

Integratie post overname

Post-acquisition integration

Integration may very well be the most difficult step in the M&A process. Poor integration can wipe out the intended value of a deal, even before it has had the opportunity to bear fruit. At Moniquet & Company we have proven expertise in the field of integration. From a practice-based approach we map the true synergies and help you put to use their values.