Digitalization in Belgium


Erik Moniquet, Juliaan Catteeuw, Gertjan Werelds

Digitalization, an immensely topical theme. Both for economic progress and the climate. According to our experience, a lot of companies lack a digital strategy, something that can generate a lot of impact when it comes to optimizing costs. Intuitively one would expect paper consumption to have decreased immensely, both at home and at work. The DESI-statistics confirm our experience: Europe’s paper consumption is still huge.

Belgium does not score poorly when it comes to digitalization, better than the European average. We come in at 6th place in the index Digital Economy and Society. How do our companies perform when it comes to digitalization? An interesting indicator is the use of clouds in organizations. Less than 40% of the Belgian organizations under 250 employees make use of clouds. According to the general indicator, about 70% of Belgian organizations have a (very) low digital intensity. We can do better!

Especially our government can’t keep up the pace. Its performance is mediocre when it comes to the efficiency of its services, according to the reports of the National Bank, the International Montary Fund and the World Economic Forum. According to the Global Competitiveness Report the government ranks 62nd based on “future orientation”. Can Belgium, through use of digital technology in companies and governments, again achieve an economic growth that parallels its neighbouring countries in Europe?