Government investments affect economic growth, right?


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What makes Moniquet & Company different?

Everyone wants to be different and unique. It does not always work this way. Certain markets do not allow uniqueness. Products and services are not differentiated. Competition...


Digitalization in Belgium

Digitalization, an immensely topical theme. Both for economic progress and the climate. According to our experience, a lot of companies lack a digital strategy, something that can generate a lot of...


The GDP under the influence of alcohol?

“Tournée Minérale” is nearly over. Did you participate? Have you noticed a difference in productivity? For this week’s infograph we conducted a little resarch....


Innovation in the EU

Every year, the EU publishes its innovation scoreboard and ranks EU members according to innovative power. The EU ranking shows some remarkable differences with the innovation rankings the World Economic...


Driving forces

‘Purpose, value and culture drive organizational growth’. A recent quote from Dave Ulrich at the Global Druck...


Does your department get its share of the pie?

Agriculture and business are often conducted in the same way. Before new cultivating techniques were widespread, it was customary to divide the...


Best practices are not always the best option

A while ago, we were in talks with an entrepreneur who wanted to increase the strategic impact of her company. She attended a training and was informed...


What's in a name?

William Shakespeare already pondered in 1597; what’s in a name? The content or meaning remains the same. Few people know the original names of widely known brands that...


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