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Budget cuts? An increase in efficiency?

Budget cuts, increased debt, high absence rates, reorganizations and mergers,... Government bodies face tremendous challenges. It is not rare for these challenges to impede on the desired targets.

Budget cuts

Mergers and reorganizations possibly have a negative impact on the work atmosphere, which is often in relation to the absence rates. The tasks and challenges grow and become more complex, but the available resources do not grow accordingly.

Even more so, many government bodies have to deal with budget cuts. The yearly finances threaten to dive into the negative, repaying debt with the yearly revenue becomes increasingly harder. The rate of execution of the planned investments drops year after year.

Aged procedures

Complex challenges have to be dealt with using aged procedures and work methods. Responsibilities are delegated to a higher hierarchical level.

Many employees, little output

Solutions for the inefficiency in the organization are far too often looked for in an adapted organizational structure with extra employees. The general performance is far too low. The high number of employees leads to little output.

Ongoing dicussions between political governance and senior civil servants indicate the need for a worn strategy

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