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What worked in the past, does not apply for the future

Established SMEs with a long service record have built up a nice portfolio in the past, but are at risk of dozing off. Employees function on auto-pilot. The status quo is passively accepted from top to bottom. What worked in the past, inquestionably is the proven recipe for today and the future. But dark clouds slowly emerge on the horizon.

Where are the causes?

Goals are no longer achieved. Or worse; goals are no longer set. The underlying causes of these worrying trends are insufficiently recognized by the manager and his team.

Excuses from external circumstances

Excuses for the lower figures are often looked for in external circumstances. The own operations and the own company strategy are barely questioned. The successful approach of the past is automatically the designated approach for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The entire company is characterized by a decline in productivity that spreads throughout business sections like a lingering poison. Employees function on auto-pilot. Nothing is ever questioned. Everything happens based on traditions and habits.

Little dynamism and drive

The company culture is not exactly radiating dynamism. Little passion and drive can be found within the company. The status quo is accepted. Everybody - including the manager and board - remains passive. Each employee senses something is wrong, but nobody can accurately point out what.

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