Growth can be achieved through distinct strategic choices, effective cost reduction, mergers and acquisitions, or change.

Nowadays, each industry is facing its own challenges.

Moniquet & Company looks at every unique case within this domain and investigates in a data-driven and well-founded fashion how we can turn these challenges into a positive story of growth.

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Construction and building materials

Construction is a good indicator of economic activity. Finding the right ways of creating value for your organisation, however, is not always that simple. Fortunately, Moniquet & Company is here to help!

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Manufacturing industry and distribution

Recipes from the past are not necessarily a guarantee for success in the future. Moniquet & Company looks at how the future too can become a success story for your organisation in the manufacturing industry or in distribution.

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Non-tech companies

Whatever you create day in day out as a company director: it is of great value for consumers and other companies. Still, the challenges and threats within the non-tech industry remain substantial.

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Local governments

When you work in local government, you have a lot on your plate and expectations are often high. Finding the balance between doing the right things and doing things right is not easy. Our five years’ experience in this domain is at your service.